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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Theming: Getting the ballance right.

So, I have been looking around and have been trying to take my armies up to the next level. so expect some none metallic metal and lighting sources to come. I have also looked at themes, this is a big thing for lots of people out there. I'm not talking about just a simple colour scheme compared to a complex one but full on themes like converting all your marines into halo esque models or having an orc army with scratch built trucks so they look like monster trucks.

the think I've found is that you have to find the balance, to much theme and you lose the fell of the army, to little and it is just lost after a couple of people saying ''cool conversion'' and ''nice job''.

So I thought up a few simple, if vague guidelines:
  1. Don't change the weapons too much unless they are already registered as weapons by GW (like converting lasguns to autorifles).
  2. the level/quality of armor should stay similar, so no giving guardsmen 'power armor'.
  3. Don't go too wacky or it will become a joke that is hard to understand.
  4. Don't use a theme to make your job easier, it should enhance the model and normally will take more work than just straight out the box guys.
If you think of any more please tell me.

thanks for reading,

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