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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Fantasy: 2000 pts WoC vs Empire (I got smashed) battle overview.

Hi, today I played a game at the GW and well, I got smashed.

I made a mistake with my screening fact cav and he got an ace shot with a warmachine which dropped some knights then the turn after he took my hero on jugger off. I also made a mistake because I forgot my jugger guy waas a hero and not a lord so used him wrong. The other problem was that in my army I had 1 unit ofknights and 1 unit of warriors then the rest was just cav making a really small list.

So, I bought 5 more knights so I canplay more ballanced and the marauders will be getting another look in, also maybe another small unit of 10 warriors.

I'm going to build those knights now,thanks for reading,

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