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Monday, 22 February 2010

Thoughts: Is cheating within the rules cheating?

So, I was thinking, people are always saying how broken things are and how the latest combos will affect the game. Now some of these things were meant to be and GW just got points values a little wrong etc. But sometimes these are picking hairs at GW's rules.

I mean sometimes it is obvious what GW means but they have not FAQ'd it and have not made the rule exactly precise. this is when people start to not just use they vagueness to their advantage but tear these loose ends apart. this is what I call cheating within the rules and whilst it is legal, would they game not be better. Now it wouldn't solve the fact that some armies are just better than others but it would help to rule out some cases where no (or little) tactical accumen is required. I personally think the anwer is yea and I think that you will agree.

So, assuming that is correct would you call someone a 'cheater' for trying to pull loose ends and bend rules? You decide.

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