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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Tuesday Gaming: Space Hulk.

Hi, today I had gaming club but dark Heresy was off so i played space huld. We played the escape mission with the chalice and I won. i was teaching a guy how to play but still it was only my 4-5 game and he was good. I made some mistakes with poistioning but in the end I managed to hold off the nidz (I was marines with libby, lightning claws guy, flamer and 2 regulars) with force barriers some guard and the flamer. I beat his guys back with psychic storm then flamed the room before getting my libby with chalice into and out of the room. It was great fun! Can any of you tell me about your space hulk experiences.

thanks for reading,


P.S. The movie marines will be an occasional thing as both me and James have other long term commitments.
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