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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tuesday Gaming: Dark heresy and Movie marines campaign!

So, tonight we played dark heresy and me and one of the wizards were punished for being bad (remember we were in jail) we both had this necron item placed in our cell and he lost his powers (not permanently) and I lost my see in the dark ability (permanently) then we were both tortured which costs no hit points but he got his teeth and tongue ripped out do he can't talk (he may respawn them later). We were then told to go on this dark eldar mission but we would have to lose a fight and get taken as slaves by the dark eldar, the thing is we had to lose by enough to get knocked out but not killed. We did not get to the drop though just told about the mission. We were also all given retractable big claws and our leader (he already had mini claws) had massive ones. the guy who had been with me was stupid and lost his claws and movie marine game with James. We both had 10 normal movie marines and there were loads of orcs (more I tried practising on a wall and one of my claws broke off oh well). then I went on to have a special keep coming on and ones we kill respawn. the idea was for us to kill each other but to get better weapons we had to kill orcs. it cost 3 orcs to upgrade 1 marine to a sergeant, 4 for a missile launcher or flamer. all orcs killed respawned in a building complex and d6 orcs very 2 turns came on. Nobz were worth 2 orcs and war bosses 6. A new marine was 10 points. It was a great warm up game for a campaign w will be starting.

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