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Monday, 1 March 2010

Building/tutorial: Different ways to glue different materials together.

So, first off i must say that befor building any models you MUST take of the moul lines, I hate some of my old models for just this reason, the 3 different types of models I will be covering today are:

plastic kits
metal kits
wooden stuff (scenery)

Plastic kits: the glue to use nfor these are plastic glue/poly cement and they should go together really easily.

Metal kits: now this gets a little more complecated, small joints on metal models will require pinning which is where you drill a hole in the joint at both points and add a little greenstuff and superglue then put a pice of metal through it to hold the joint together. You can find loads of great tutorials for this online. For bigger contact points use superglue. remember, you should treat meatl/plastic combo kits as metal.

Wood: for this use PVA/white/elmers glue or wood glue, nice and simple but leave plenty of time to dry.

Tell us what you think, thnaks for reading,


P.S. don't forget to check out my mate James's new blog!
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