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Monday, 22 March 2010

Blogging: Schedules, mine and yours.

So, I was thinking about my weeks and the way I organise them, here is the set-up of my posts:

Mondays: Some random post.
Tuesdays: If I can Tuesday gaming, though I may not be going to my gaming club soon so this may disappear and be replaced by this week in gaming.
Wednesday: Another random post.
Thursday: Discussion.
Friday: sometimes no post because I'm busy but if there is one normally a thought or an idea.
Saturday: random post.
Sunday: Something that has come to mind over the week/

Other features: the soap box section (I need some more entries for that admittedly). White dwarf (I will no longer be doing full blown reviews just a bit of an overview of the interesting bits). Battle reports (coming soon) and I may be adding Hobby Log as I haven't been doing as much lately I will pile my work together say every month.

I may have some other features I have missed but you get the idea. I love my relaxed and flexible schedule but write down your blogs schedule and just see how busy you are and what might need improving. Thanks for reading,

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