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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Discussions: What would you call 'a good game'

So, I was thinking, what is a good game. Is it when you win, is it when you have a hard fought close battle, is it when you have lots of big exiting moments or is it when you sit with a group of mates having a laugh and pushing models around.

For me it's a mix of being with mates and a close battle, I hate rolling over people without a fight and I hate not playing and just being rolled over. When it's close it's just more fun for me. the thing with playing at the local GW is that age doesn't matter (which is a big deal as I'm only in lower high school) I can play an adult or a 15 yr old and still have just as much fun.

So, that's my view, what's yours. Thanks for reading,

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