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Monday, 8 March 2010

Sportsmanship: Part1, losing graciously.

So, thought I'd do a mini series on sportsmanship. The big thing with this is that is has been covered by every man and his dog so I'm just going to go over the finer points (I've had a lot of practise at losing ;)), oh yea, as an easy one, don't get angry.
  1. Don't try and make excuses even if you think you have one because it just seems like your trying to diminish you opponents hard earned victory.
  2. Don't go mad if you think your going to be just count to 10, keep a clear head and laugh it off, the amount of times I have failed 2+ saves is ridiculous, once I rolled 5 armor saves on my SW termies and failed 4, there were only 4 termies as well.
  3. Congratulate your opponent and ask if they think you made any mistakes, most people like the sound of their own voice and will be helpful as well.
  4. If your not counting up points at the need of the game and it looks close, if your opponent looks really exited because he thinks he's won, consider letting him have it because if it makes his day then at least one of you gets that extra bonus of winning rather than a meagre stale mate.
So, that about sums up the finer points, if you think I've missed anything then just comment and I will add it on.
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