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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Sportsmanship: pt2, winning graciously.

Hi, thought I'd add part 2 to my sportsmanship post (notice a theme), this time I thought I'd cover winning.

Winning is a good thing, we should always try to win or it isn't a proper game but when we do it how should we act. Unless you opponent is a complete jerk we don't want to upset them. The way I do this is to go YES! Once or twice then calm it down and say how your opponent did and maybe pat him on the back. If your adults and you thrashed him then buy him a beer. This is easier said then done so here are my top tips:
  1. Always let the satisfaction wash over you for a second so it doesn't build up, then calm your self down with a few deep breaths.
  2. If your opponent looks up happy or put off by you celebrations then either calm right down or gently apologise.
  3. If you have been chatty or are mates then he might be the person that doesn't mind you rubbing it in so don't go too far.
Anyway that's then end for now, see you tomorrow, thanks for reading,

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