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Sunday, 7 March 2010

FANTASY: I DIDN'T LOSE! (and why not giving up is important).

Sorry for not posting over the last few days I've been on holiday, but today when I got back I went to GW and played Craig with his Brets, so far except against Stu in practise games (and he was using non-optimal ogres against my WoC and my army was much easier to play than his).

The big thing is I don't mind losing because I learn more but today i fought hard and used my cav right, I also used 2 units of knights which helped. We didn't add it up but we thought it was probably a draw (we semi-worked it out) it might have been a small win to me though.

Now, the second part of this post is the importance of not giving up. I have not followed Ron's advice and do change my list regularly but now I have settled a bit more I will just be changing the odd character here and there and occasionally swapping the whole thing up.

So, remember, if you work hard you will eventually get the hang of any selection.

Thanks for reading,

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