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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

40K: Mech Vs Gunline/shield wall Vs re-deployer.

So, I have a couple of tutorials done but I am struggling to up-load pictures to blogger as I don't use Picasa so I though I'd talk about how lists have been changing recently.

Mech- this has ruled the roost over the past couple of years and it is quite easy to play but recently their has been quite a few books that can deal with mech.

Gunline/shieldwall: Gunlines involve an awful lot of shooting and speed bumps for the enemy a shieldwall is similar but it advances slowly with super tough things and leaves behind it a trail of objective holders. these have been holding a monopoly since guard came out but many new books have plenty of melta/lascannon. They can be hard to play because you have to protect your tanks but not to hard.

re-deployer/super-speed-dash-objective-grab-ultra-army-saim-hann: These armies rely very fast troops that can dash about to where they are needed, a great example is saim-hann who have lots of clever tricks. this is a lifetime to learn, an age to master army. Very hard to play but they are very good at what they do.

So, I have missed out 3 more armies which are the counters to the 3 above but often the counter armies are the above ones with a little variation. At the moment the anti-tank maneuverable re-deployer is best in my opinion but if mech and gunline take a turn for the worse then perhaps it may create a new army style or maybe it will bring back an old style. We don't know yet.

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