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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Fantasy: WoC list building/theorising.

So, I have been playing WoC for quite a while now and have figured out the 2 styles of list I like to play, here they are with and analysis:

1: Lord on jugger
2x 5 man tooled up non lance knights
nurgle warrior bunker
1 or 2 lvl 2's
sometimes 1 more unit of warriors (small)
15 fast cav
a BSB (of some sort, mostly on palanquin)
a mounted fighty character
occasional 20 marauders.

The idea of this list is that the jugger goes in 1 knight unit and the mounted guy in the other then the BSB and sorcs go in warrior units and the cav screen the knights. I hold my battle line with the foot troops to drag the enemy back then push the knights up to go kill stuff, if the fast cav survive then they flank charge.

List 2:
lvl 4 on disk
1-2 lvl 4's
a bsb
1-2 warrior units
sometimes marauders
15 fast cav
1-2 units of knights

With this I do a lot of damage with wizards and use the warriors to try and get ranks and flanks on the enemy, I take his toughest stuff down with magic then finish it off with warriors then his slower stuff will get there and hopefully i will have managed to reinstate my battle line.

So, what do you think, thanks for reading

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