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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Armies: how to build an army on a budget pt1.

So, I was think of how expensive armies can get and came up with a few tips on how to build an army on a budget:
  1. Write you army first, for 40k, I would write a 2000 point list and then write a few extras as options, for fantasy a 2500 list with a few extras for options.
  2. Don't go over the top with conversions, buy some green stuff and cut bits up as well as kitbash but don't go over the top like have your land raider with a bloodthirster ripping the top off (as cool as it would be).
  3. If you can find cheaper alternative then use it, like sticking armor plates and gubbins onto ork boyz to make flashgitz.
That's it for part 1, part 2 will come soon. Thanks for reading,

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