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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Battles: Fantasy, WOC Vs Empire and Bretonia 2500pts (quick report)

So, today I went to the GW and played a relatively large fantasy game. I was running a fairly odd list with a total of :

15 marauder cav
20 marauders
5 knights
36 warriors
1 lord on jugger (Khorne)
a lvl 2 on disk (tzeentch)
a lvl 2 on foot (nurgle)
a BSB on palanquin (nurgle)

And that was about it. In the end my knights and lord were tied up by battle pilgrims (30 of them) and my nurgle bunker got hit by a big block of bretonian knights and my marauders got hit by 20 empire knights then the rest was shot to bits. Finaly the two knight units broke my units and just mannaged to get into the lords unit on the last turn and kill them. I had great fun and loved using the jugger lord. I need to try and find a way to get my lords unit of knights in a position where they can avoid hold up units like the pilgrims. Oh well.

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