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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Overviews: an outsiders perspective, Blood angels and Nidz.

I thought I'd give my opinions on the rumors and the new book for these armies, remember I don't look at rumors that regularly but I have picked up bits here and there:


The nidz seem to be a really game changing army that need some serious thought, my wolves will be ok because of all the monstorous creature hunting things and I hope that my marines can cope with manouverabilty and high strength weapons. The book seems like it really works together and I think it may be an antidote to guard with all the deepstriking high strength monstrocities. Whether that will make them overpowered is yet to be seen.


These bad boys seem ike they could be on par with if not better than the space wolves, some of the stuff sounds cool especialy the assault cannon raider and it sounds interesting to have succesor chapters included. I don't think I will be getting an army of these but I may get one or two bits just to paint up.

So, do you like this style of overview, thanks for reading,

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