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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Tutorials/Army Finishing Project: Sally squad finished and conversions on regular guys.

Hi, recently I have finished the 10 sallies, here are the pics:

If you look carefully at that last picture, you'll notice that the power fist is metal with blue and green washes, now this is my new theory for power weapons. It always says in fluff that they are sheathed in power so this wash gives that effect. All it is is thraka green and asurmen blue or watered down blue. On power swords and claws you would still do the power line as well of course. Now, here comes the tutorial:

Coverting regular guys is quite a rtecent thing. I've found though that just a few small conversions in a unit really makes it pop. Now if you look at my guy with bolt pistol and bolter, his strong pose really makes him look real, whereas the guys just holding bolters normaly stop the unit from looking over the top. So, I know that this isn't really a tutorial but just think next time you build regular guys, could I change that.

Now, onto the Army Finishing project standings, I am noow on 11 points.


4pts 2 half done land speeders for terran hands, tutorial: not sure.
2pts LR-built-painted-needs some slight changes tutorial: repainting.
-2pts 5scouts- built tutorial: cloth
4pts Rhino-built-primered tutorial: getting nice flat colours and possibly line highlighting.
2pts Dread-needs some repairing and some redoing tutorial: adding to models.
5pts 5assault marines: built tutorial: adding the combat image.
1pts some reapir work. tutorial: probably none.
SPACE WOLVES Tutorials: not sure yet
3pts Drop pod-built
10pts 20 grey hunters- built
-1pts 5wolf scouts-built
3pts 4long fangs-built
4pts Whirlwind-half built
3pts 4wolf guard- built
2pts Rune priest- built
2pts 10 blood claws- need highlights

P.S. I have included the wolf guard joining units in that units cost.

Warriors Of Chaos
6pts 5knights- built-primerd-1 nearly done. tutorial:washes and magic

3pts warshrine-primered-more being added. tutorial: scratch building.
5pts 12 WoC- built primered. tutorial:adding to units maybe
3pts 12 WoC-need details. tutorial:fur
12pts 15 marauder cav- built tutorial: painting black skin maybe more
10pts 20 marauders- need details tutorial: wood
-4 Palanquin- built- partialy painted tutorial: intricate nurgle
-6 to do but +3 when done Lord on disk tutorial: probably fire
-3 odd dude from Games Day- built tutorial: random models.

Thanks for reading,

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