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Friday, 8 January 2010

Thoughts: Updates because your bad? Somebody elses philosophy.

So, today i went to the Preston GW and played a couple of games of 40k with my wolves, it was great fun to play 40k again after playing fantasy alone for a while. But, when I was talking with some of the guys there one of them was half joking half talking seriouly talking about how Necrons really needed an upgrade and that it was unfair that marines got a new one virtualy every week (egsageration I know) then another guy said in the same way that was because Marines lose so GW feels they need updates whereas necrons can win when played right. We then got into a discussion about the fact that nubes always go for marines.

Now, that philosophy about marines being well, FAIL! is interesting to me, I don't belive in that, do you nplease tell me. Now the other thing is that marines are poster boys and that's whay they always get picked, so I was thinking that we could put together some posts on how to do some articles on different armies and starting builds etc at different points values (1000-2000 pts) then how they are easy and hard to play with, now these don't have to be collected together but just have a think about you favorite army and whether you could put a post up on your blog doing what I described above.

So, tell us what you think, thanks for reading,

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