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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Terrain: home made Fantasy/40k stepped 2-tier hill.

Hi, the other day I made this hill, the next one will probably come with a tutorial, suffice to say we learned a lot of tips and the next one should be a breeze. I will be painting it in a greyey brown moonscape-mordor type thing hopefully with sand mixed in to make it a rough coat.

It was made out of insulation board (high-density polystyrene), all we did was cut the bottom piece roughly then cut a little detail before using a candle to burn bits away, remember, less = more with this. If you want the odd deeper gash then first cut a rough hole then burn. Next we cut the top piece and did the same thing before sticking it carefully ontop of the larger piece with PVA glue (elmers white glue if your in the USA). Then we textured the surface via burning again and finally I stuck together and burned some random bit of 'rock' then stuck them on.

The idea of the hill was to provide a useable piece of terrain for both 40k and Fantasy, I think it has worked but the painting will make a big difference as it decides where it is. There is plenty of open space to put movement trays etc on without it being too bare. I think it looks pretty good, how about you? Anyway, here are the pics:

So, tell us what you think, thanks for reading,

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