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Friday, 15 January 2010

Tutorials/Army Finishing project: Rhino pretty much done and flat colours, freehand tac squad arrows and line highlighting.

Hi, recently i finished the painting on this rhino, well I say finished, I still have the gun and a side door to go but hey I said pretty much. Anyway here are the pics, no transfers have been used, the arrows are freehand:

So, here is the army finsihing project as it stands, then the tutorials at the bottom:

4pts 2 half done land speeders for terran hands, tutorial: not sure.

2pts LR-built-painted-needs some slight changes tutorial: repainting.

-2pts 5scouts- built tutorial: cloth

4pts Rhino-built-primered tutorial: getting nice flat colours and possibly line highlighting.

2pts Dread-needs some repairing and some redoing tutorial: adding to models.

5pts 5assault marines: built tutorial: adding the combat image.

1pts some reapir work. tutorial: probably none.

SPACE WOLVES Tutorials: not sure yet

3pts Drop pod-built

10pts 20 grey hunters- built

-1pts 5wolf scouts-built

3pts 4long fangs-built

4pts Whirlwind-half built

3pts 4wolf guard- built

2pts Rune priest- built

2pts 10 blood claws- need highlights

P.S. I have included the wolf guard joining units in that units cost.

Warriors Of Chaos

6pts 5knights- built-primerd-1 nearly done. tutorial:washes and magic

3pts warshrine-primered-more being added. tutorial: scratch building.

5pts 12 WoC- built primered. tutorial:adding to units maybe

3pts 12 WoC-need details. tutorial:fur

12pts 15 marauder cav- built tutorial: painting black skin maybe more

10pts 20 marauders- need details tutorial: wood

-4 Palanquin- built- partialy painted tutorial: intricate nurgle

-6 to do but +3 when done Lord on disk tutorial: probably fire

-3 odd dude from Games Day- built tutorial: random models.

Now for the mini tutorials:

Getting a flat colour: now for this the GW foundation paints are a godsend, I always use this on my main colour then follow that with the right colour then highlighting. Now there isn't much more to it than that.

Line highlighting: this is a great way of getting basic highlights on your models, I know use a variety of techniques together but line highlighting is the easiest. You simply get a thin brush and use the side of the brush to go round the hard edges of the model. You want to go round most edges with a slightly lighter colour than your base then pick out a few high places for a very light colour, you can go further than that but to start with two highlights is fine, sometimes you only need 1.

Free handing tac squad arrows: for this you first need to find a nice flat are, then mark out with small dots halfway up each side of your rectangle, the top middle of your rectangle, these marks will make your arrow head so join up the dots then fill in the triangle. Next you have to draw the tail which i did by guessing but you can measure if you want to. Now there is some leeway with this because some people like a longer tail and a shorter arrow head but this is the way I do it.

Thanks for reading,

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