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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Visitors: blog and post naming importance.

So, I was looking at the figures on google anylitics for my space wolves blog and this blog the other day and noticed a massive percentage difference between my amount of traffic from search engines. Here are the figures from Gamers World:

740.00 (87.47%) Referring Sites
61.00 (7.21%) Search Engines

45.00 (5.32%) Direct Traffic

And here are the figures for Space Wolves-Ragnar Blackmane

146.00 (51.05%) Referring Sites
134.00 (46.85%)Search Engines

6.00 (2.10%)Direct Traffic 

Now, as you can see this blog gets lots more reffering sites hits because of how many blogrolls etc it is on and gets slightly more direct traffic because this blog has been out there for longer. But as you can see there is a lot more search engine traffic for the space wolf blog. This is because of the fact that the name is so much better, searches for both space wolves and ragnar blackmane will find it whereas this blog has a bit of a bad name becase it won't be searched for by most wargamers. This is because of the fact that when I created this blog it was for video games as well, that stopped very quickly but it was too late to change the name. At some point I may relocate but that won't happen for a while yet so back on topic. The fact that I get more percentage of traffic from the space wolves blog can be a good or bad thing, the good thing is that you get a larger reader base, the bad thing is that you get some of the internet trawlers not as nice as the FTW blogger group and the other people that look at blogs like mine so you can get more spam and nasty comments. your choice.

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