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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Controversial: Transfers (to be (done) or not to be (done))?

Hi, sorry for not posting over the last few days but i have been adding the finishing touches to the units you have seen the pics of and started building another model, that is a chaos lord on jugger.

So, onto transfers, I find there are 4 levels of transfer goodness, here we go:

1) sloppy tranfer with nothing over it,
2) neat transfer with matt varnish over it
3) neat transfer with basic highlighting/shading painted on with matt varnish over
4) neat transfer with very good highlighting/shading painted on with something that melts the transfer in so it doesn't stick out (can't remember what it's called) then matt varnish over it.

Now, round my area people either don't use them or do them very well but the few young players that use them are normaly someware between 1 and 2, neat without varnish.

So, how is it in your area and do you agree with using them, I don't mind as long as they enhance the model,

Thanks for reaing,

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