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Thursday, 7 January 2010

White Dwarf: 250th post: #361, TYRANIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First off I'd like to say this is my 250th post and that I have really enjoyed posting more often and will kepp it up through this year. Second is that I got this moths white dwarf really early on the 11th of December rarther than the usual 23rd-25th this means I can do a review early right, well no as it's christmas so I only finished it this week, hence this is out on time not early. Anyway enough of my ramblings onto the real post (please click on post title to read full post:

So, this moth contains:
Tyranid designers notes
Skaven scenarios
Legion of the damned
Evil LoTR (strategy battle game) tactica
new releases
Colin Graysons army masters
Eavy metal legion of the damned
army workshop tyranids
Modeling workshop  tyranid invasion.
Battle Report: sallies V tyranids!!!

New releases- Codex Tyranids (well duh), £15
Trygon/mawloc, awesome model and very nasty in the game, £30 (worth it in my opinion, its worth more than the £25 canifex)
Ravenor brood, lookin good and plastic, better poses too, £27 for 3 (odd price tag)
Pyrovore, meh, looks decent, £20 (good value)
Gargoyles (plastic and great wings for conversions, chaos furies now have models, kind of) £17.50 for 10 (another odd price)
Venomthrope, £12
Hive Guard, £12 (for 1 or 2 not sure, probably 1)
Battleforce, 8 stealers, 12 temagaunts, 12 homogaunts and 3 warriors,plus 3 ripper swarms.
Legion of the damed squad, £20 for 5, £8 for 2 hvy weps, £10 for 2 legionairs (2 different sets) 5 more guys coming out next  month.
Please view post to read rest of review.
Thankyou for viewing the full post!

Black Library- new series about famous space marine battles.

Tyranid designers notes- not as in depth this mont, just the author talking about the amount of new choices and theme of the new book their are some insight into the new stuff though. Nice layout of sprues as well.

Skaven misions- now these are some mediocre missiuons that 1 or 2 of might be fun to play, but here is the funny story. There are 12 trials then the thirteenth one is left blanck for you to come up with your own! Now this may be becaue in the skaven council of the 13 there are 12 members then the 13th seat is left open for the great horned rat, but then he has some more idea and sticks in the margins of the pages, I mean come on!

Legion of the damned- some background on them and a look at the new models plus their special rules and stats. Nothing special. There are some nice armies incorporating them though.

Evil LoTR tactica- a good look round the evil for ces and their pros and cons, not many of my readers play LoTR so I won't go into it too much.

Battle report- A nice themed game using this massive outpost fort thing, a very close battle that actualy sounds like it is feasable, maybe not all their battle reports are replyed until the team are happy.

Army masters Colin Grayson- Wow, what a fantastic tunneling Skaven army, lots of great conversions for different themed beasts, wow, just wow.

Standard Bearer- Jervis gives us a good talk on losing graciously, I really like standard bearer.

Painting legion of the damned- some nice tips in here plus a simple way to paint effective fire. looks good!

Army Workshop Tyranids- Chad shows us how he paints his tyranids so they will fit in either jungle or city and how he uses his grey and black scheme to complement yellow stripessome sweet stuff and great tips for converting with subtlry and effectiveness.

Modeling Workshop: This is on the outpost that gets invaded by tyranids, its an amazing piece of scenery that uses multiple bastions and cities of death kits.

Next month: New fell beast, BEASTMEN, Planetstriike attackers tactica, Tyranid data sheets.

That was a great issue, thanks for reading, Jacob.
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