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Monday, 25 January 2010

Building: Khorne Lord on Jugger and missing bits on rhino.

So, I'm sorry I have'nt posted in a few days, our internet connection went dodgey and then when it was fixed pictures wouldn't upload because it went faulty again. Now, on with the post. Since I last saw you I have been busy with all sorts and there will be a variety of posts this next week but the main two modeling things have been what is shown in the pics below:

The door on the front should have been painted befor but I had lost it and the guy on the top was a bit of a brainwave I had when rooting through my bitz box. I thought it would look cool to have him actualy holding the storm bolter. I quite like it.

This khorne lord on jugger is one of the refinements to my chaos army that I will be doing befor calling it finished or at least as finished as an army ever is. I already have plans to do touch up's and rehauls of some models after the army finishing project. I'm thinking off perhaps to other way off projects, one being a terrain finishing project and the other being a touch up project.

So, what do you think, thanks for reading,

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