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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tuesday Gaming: a double bill.

So, two (well three but it was off this week) weeks of Dark Heresy have gone by and lets have a run down of what has happened:

Week 1: I was off and the team fought Dark Eldar, the chaos sorc that we were working for got killed and his assistand Jeeves turned out to be an even more powerful psyker.

Week 2: They are about to drop down in a drop pod and I decide to run off to the armory and see if I can get back in time, how silly I was as I just get beat up by a marine real bad. The rest of them drop down and screw up the mission by killing each other (the GM dropped a hint that we may get bonuses for killing each other as long as we did it descretely). We make some story up about them getting back up to the ship and they are about to drop down again, one of our players still had it in for the nurgle/lightning sorc and lops his head off so he respawns as a nurgling (we have now called nurgling in my pocket) and he is owned by one of the other sorcs. I should get possesed soon!

Week 3: The GM forgot the rule book so we didn't play, instead I played a game of blackreach with a few extra bits against a mate, we only played a few turns so just called it a draw. Then I watched some guys playing D&D (dungeons and dragons) but with some twists to make it more like fantsy hence why it was allowed in warhammer club (it is also run by the owner of the club). Overall the club is really working because everyone is just there to have fun.

So, what do you think,

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