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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Army Finishing Project: 2 Sally Rhinos finished.

Hi, Jacob here, I have now finished my two sally rhinos, here is the new army finishing project list:


5pts Reedeemer-built-primered-half painted tutorial: adding that extra bit.

2pts LR-built-painted-needs some slight changes tutorial: repainting.

-2pts 5scouts- built tutorial: cloth

5pts 10sallies- nearly done tutorial: conversions on regular guys.

4pts Rhino-built-primered tutorial: getting nice flat colours and possibly line highlighting.

3pts 2sallies rhinos- need details tutorial: writing on tanks.

2pts Dread-needs some repairing and some redoing tutorial: adding to models.

5pts 5assault marines: built tutorial: adding the combat image.

1pts some reapir work. tutorial: probably none.

SPACE WOLVES Tutorials: not sure yet

3pts Drop pod-built

10pts 20 grey hunters- 10 built

-1pts 5wolf scouts-built

3pts 4long fangs-built

4pts Whirlwind-half built

3pts 4wolf guard- built

2pts Rune priest- built

2pts 10 blood claws- need highlights

P.S. I have included the wolf guard joining units in that units cost.

Warriors Of Chaos

6pts 5knights- built-primerd-1 nearly done. tutorial:washes and magic

3pts warshrine-primered-more being added. tutorial: scratch building.

5pts 12 WoC- built primered. tutorial:adding to units maybe

3pts 12 WoC-need details. tutorial:fur

12pts 15 marauder cav- built tutorial: painting black skin maybe more.

10pts 20 marauders- need details tutorial: wood

-4 Palanquin- built- partialy painted tutorial: intricate nurgle

-6 to do but +3 when done Lord on disk tutorial: probably fire.

-3 odd dude from Games Day- built tutorial: random models.

This means that my painting point total stands at: 3 a good start. Here are the pics:

So, tell us what you think. Thanks for reading,

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