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Monday, 7 December 2009

Scenarios: The running goblin, playing smaller games.

Hi, just thought I'd post up a scenario that I've been thinking up recently. It's for 40k. Here we go:

Board: play this on a 6' by 4' board.

Army sizes: 500-750 pts, only one required troops, only 1 hvy support slot, only elites slots, only 1 unit that can move 24+'' a turn or if you beak this rule you must decide which unit will move this far and all other units can only move up to a max of 18''.

Game length: as normal

Set-up: both sides set up as pitched battle only on the short board edges.

Turns: roll off each game turn at the very start, the winner goes first in each phase. As hinted above you take it in turns to move, then shoot, then assault, then choose combat etc.

Mission: place a goblin or simmilar model in the middle of the board, the goblin has the stat line of a grot but is armed with just a power weapon. The grot runs away from the closest unit, if this brings it within 12'' of another unit then it stops 13'' away. The minimum distance the grot can run each turn is 3'', this overrides the last rule. You can only attack the grot in close combat the grot as it has an imperator class force field around it! This is because of it's stolen generator.  If you 'kill' the grot then it does not die, instead it joins the unit as an active member, the unit takes 1 power weapon hit from the grot from each turn. If the unit is killed by close combat then the grot joins the killing unit, if there are multiple the killing player chooses. If the unit is killed by any other means other than close combat then the grot goes on the run again. The player in possesion of the grot at the end of the game wins.

So, what do you think. Have I missed anything. Please help me improve this scenario! Thanks for reading,

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