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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Discussions:#12 quality speed painting tips (some of mine included).

Hi, this week I wanted to touch on a topic close to my gaming groups heart. Painting quality and speed painting. Not all of us care but the older guys do, we all like a clean job (that doen's mean not dirty).

Lots of us don't like drybrushing, or should I say over drybrushing. We will drybrush metals and stuff because that gives a good effect but ork skin shouldn't be drybrushed, it makes it look wrong in opinion even just line highlighting or 3 layers are much better! What I'm trying to get across is that by speed mpainting I do not mean losing to much quality, so here are m y top tips:

    1. washes, GW washes are a godsend, Devlan can work on most models for darkening, dirt and a multitude of other things. Badab black is great on metals and darkening. Sepia is great for yellows, weird effects and much more, That's only 3 paints and look how many uses I've just named.

    2. Mixing pots, I need to get some of these. If you have some favorite mixes then mix a load in a pot so it is just ready to use.

    3. Foundation paints, whenever I start an army I buy the appropriate one of these for it. I find that one layer of this then 2 layers of the standard colour makes a really nice smooth finish.

    4. Battle dammage, if you make a mistake, what better way to cover it up!

    5. Reward system, to keep your interest and hence speed of painting give yourself a target and whan you complete each little goal paint something nice that you really want to paint, this is often characters for me!

      So, there's my tips, tell us yours. I f you've learned soething tell us that too. Thanks for reading,

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