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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Marines: So typical.

First off I would like to appologise for the lack of posts over the weakend but it's near christmas and I had parties then friends then a plethora of other stuff. Anyway, on with the post:

I know it's been said before but arn't marines just so typical, I mean termies are made to be the sole uber you can't kill me unit in the game and are supposedly easy to use. More acidentaly than for ballance there are other power units like nob bikers but still, termies are predictable but there isn't that much you can do about them without wasting resorces.

The standard marine is that hero, they have a great save, a cool statline and you can just immagine them yelling heroicaly and snapping shots off.

Jump infantry are the hero but even cooler because now they fly! See what I mean.

Marines are typical and predictable but are very powerful, they seem to have no weakness but that is there weakness, jacok of all trades master of none.

So, if you play marines then try out some radical lists/tactics. If you fight them then try and make them play differently,

Thanks for reading,

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