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Monday, 28 December 2009

Tutorials: adding that extra bit (reedeemer).

So, here we are you tutorial loving people, pictures and a tutorial of the extra bits on the reedeemer. Here we go:

Firts we have writing, this is an eccelent was to add character, ty last tutorial was on how to do this!

Then there is free hand art. Now, I am no artist but I have done some devbout symbols etc then washed them out slightly with a mix of brown green and grey making them look like hand written scripts etc that have been there for days!

The next bit is killl markings and scripts, always writte a little squigly line on purity seals and on guns it is sometimes a good idea to write on kill markings (x's).

Here is another example, I have written Ts'Kar on it which is the drivers name. Hard to see I know.

Thats it people, what do you think, thanks for reading,

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