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Sunday, 6 December 2009

White Dwarf: #360, The end of the year and a big spanking fortress.

Hi, jacob here. Just thought I'd do my review of the latest issue of white dwarf. I'm experimenting with jump breaks too. To view the full post you must click on the post title otherwise you will only see up to where I mark! Anyway, on with the review:

In this issue:

A year in review.
Old war stories.
Warhammer 40k tactica: planetstrike.
Andy's game-a-week.
A tale of four gamers revisited.
Blood and sand-part 3.
Battlefield challenge.
Crimson fists bitz pack review.
Moddleling workshop special.
Masterclas on vermin lord.

Looks good to me. Anyway, on with the proper bit:

Editorial: just the guy talking about the year and how great it's been. Quite nice.

New releases:
The fortress of redemption. Looks amaxing but is £60 which I can't currently afford.
Space marine megaforce. A pred, a rhino, dread, 20 tac marines, 5 assaulters, 5 sniper scouts. £100. Looks like a good deal if you add up the cost.
Ork megaforce. 40 boyz, 9 warbikers, trukk, 5 lootas/burnas. Don't know how good this is. £100
Empire brigade. 40 state troops, 10 greatswords, 8 knights, 20 handgunners/crossbowmen, 5 outriders/pisoliers, great cannon/mortar. Again £100. Quite like this. Looks good!
Orc and Goblin Brigade. 38 boyz, 10 black orcs, 40 night goblins, 10 spider riders, 10 wolf riders, orc boar chariot. £100. Sounds pretty sweet.
I like these deals expecially around christmas.
Realm of battle game board extensions, basically two pretty plain pieces to make your board 8ft by 4ft. £55. Bit expensive.
Army Figure cases. Both 40k and fantasy are £60. Just the same but new! Looks OK.

Collectors range: Baby dragons. £15.  Might be good in objective games but really not that useful or characterful.
The chase.
A rerelase of the food chain, little squig, Goblin, Massive squig.
Do you get the idea. £7.Looks good an quite cheap.
Rerelease of fat of the witch king. £18. I really like this but a bit expensive. Very characterful!

Black Library:
The chronicles of malus darkblade: vol 2. At some point I want to read these but I have uh, 12 books and an audio book before then so maybe next year! My mate really likes these and says there is some humor. £9.99
Forged by chaos: a warhammer online book, looks OK not my thing. £6.99
Titanicus: 7.99. Finally, the paper back version. So much cheaper.
Thunder from Fenris. This is that audio book I want. Thunderwolf riders and zombies, what more could you want. £10.
Forge World: Kill Krusha, Awesome. Think leman russ looted to Terra, then a big mek got hold of it and made it ORKY. Really kool. No price.

To read full post view post directly.

White dwarf, a year in review: A nice section showing you all the white dwarfs over the year and a bit of a review each month. Kind of what we do with our family when we get pictures and write a little caption for each one of us then send it to friends. They had to do something but really the only good bit is the coming soon. LEGION OF THE DAMNED!!! Yea, we already knew about that. Oh well.

Old war stories: one of my favorite articles Dave and Jerm's talking about there campaign. They are about half way through now. A good fun read and at the end some tips on running a 40k campaign!

Tactica 40k: Planetstrike (defenders): Phil Kelly talking about defending in planetstrike. His focus is on buildings this time though. He talks about death zones and weapon armments. He doesn't even advertise the fortress of redemtion though which is very nice. He also gives us some army speciic strategems.

Oh, look, now we have the fortress of redemtion and a quick aticle on it.

Andy's game-a-week: At the start of the year andy said that he would play at least one game a week for the year. As of when he wrote this article he has mannaged it!!! He talks about how sometimes you don't need the best army because playing enough makes you an aweful lot better. He talks about how campaigns are a really good way to get more games in. Looks good and is a nice read. Not the best article in the world though.

A tale of four gamers revisited: here we look at the 4 guys and what they have been up to. Crimson fist Neil has mainly focused on his other marine armies though he has added a couple of pods to his army. Matt has done up some chaos bastions and has been playing loads of planetstrike. Very enthusiastic. Pete Foley. Eldar man. This guy has been busy. An entire WoC army has been done and not much with eldar. He is a competative gamer though. So I know why he does it. Fill has been cotinuing with the orks. Adding storm boyz and a ride for them he has been quite busy. Overall I really enjoyed this.

Blood and Sand part 3: The big bit in this issue and the place with the battle report. As usual there was the review of how the campaign is going and some great pictures even if you don't play W/LoTR. Then comes the massive battle report. A huge battle with Gondor Vs The lost realms. What a battle. A good read and an extremely big climax. Not read into this too much yet, I won't spoil it for you.

Blanchitsu: the return of an old friend of white dwarf, it's John Blanche. I have quite a collection of White Dwarfs and he has done another one of these in the past but basicaly it's him talking about his radical projects. Some of his sculpting is amazing never mind his painting. He is in it to explore all that can be done in this hobby, not always keeping to the fluff or even rules and certainly not model ranges. He's the sort of guy that makes a squad of rebel guard because he wants to and not because he has any reason to. I love this article and it really enspired me.

Crimson Fists: yea, basically thier bits pack came out so they made a little article for them. Plus they pointed out the obvious point that all this stuff could be used as Imp fists as well. Duh!!

Modelling workshop: Strongholds: So, it shows you how to build/paint the fortress of redemtion and the warhammer empire mannor. Both good and I really like what they did with the manor!

Battlefield challenge: this month it is for both 40k and Fantasy. It is basicaly about a defender having a big fort (ie fortress of redemtion or manor house) and having to hold out the twist is he only has some of his army as a 'garrison' the rest is'reinforcements' looks cool. Problem is it's written for 40k not fantasy so some of the rules like game length are straight from the 40k rule book.

Masterclass: Vermin lord: This is sweet. Yea, yea it tell you how to build him and some neat ways to paint his skin etc, nice gold bit then you get to the directional lighting bit. This is something I want to try out, good tutorial then an eccellent example with warpstone. Love it and very useful.

+ a load of adverts.

Next month: TYRANIDS!!!

Really a great issue. White Dwarf is getting better and better. Some rubbish this month as you would expect from the end of the year but hey, the good was very good and the bad was OK. So, I'm not crying.

Thanks for reading,

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