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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tuesday Gaming: Dark Heresy with an evil twist.

So, today some people in our grop including me started playing a chaos dark heresy. In our group of seven we have 4 sorcerers (phycers), 1 possesed (a made up thing. It's me!), 1 cleric and an armsman who is like the sergeant.

Today trhe cleric and the armsman (Stu) didn't play but they will drop in next time. We progressed well today and our GM was nice enough to give a scenario which got us started with some neat bonuses. I now have big eyes increaing my perception but lowering my fellowship.

It was really enjoyable. Oh yea. Can you tell me whether you think it's ok and whether you want Dark heresy on this blog or whether I should make another new blog for it.

Thanks for reading,

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