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Friday, 4 December 2009

Dark Heresy: What we did on Tuesday.

Hi, because of the recent interest in dark heresy here on my blog I thought I would give you a quick rundown on what happened on tuesday.

We woke up in a gun pit on a chaos cruiser after being cptured in various ways. None of us now our powers and we all have a weak weapon like a knife or a wrench. A tall man with a whip comes in and says get to work. Most of us do but one goes and asks him why. He gets whipped. Another goes up to him. The whip cracks right by his ear so he asks again, this time the whip just cartches his ear and he stumbles back.

Once we get the chance we jump on the guy and slaughter him. We move on from the gun pit into a large chamber. There are some slaves on drugs there that look manic. We go up and succesfully kill them. BANG! 3 orcs burst in we turn around and fight them, I get hit but the others finish them off.

There are some glints in the room, these are needles. Two of our phykers get injected and take a minor mutation. I hit a button and we find out the room is a gas chamber. The gas causes the rest of us to also have minor mutations. When we wake up there is a shadow in the corner. A couple of guys run up, I go up and put a knife to his throat thinking he was an enemy. He shoots me with his bolt vpistol saying he is not and ememy, I get knocked out.

He takes the rest of them to a library, some of them take wunds from daemon books. A chaos sorceror lord comes in and takes all of them (exept for me) and teaches them how to use there powers, In some conversation some of them learn more and some get better accomadation (wounds get healed). Eventualy he wakes me up and sits me on a chair.... 

To be comtinued...

Overall it was a great game with lots of zapping and funny remarks and situations. I am getting posessed next time by a khornate daemon.Yay me! Time for some real fun. I know the story is weak at the moment but we wanted to jump straight into action.

Thanks for reading,

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