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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Tutorials: Writing on tanks (11 pics).

Hi, Just thought I'd do the tutorial on how I did the writing on the sally rhinos, reme3mber this isa also a bpart of the army finishing project, here we go:

Step 1, placing: choose where on the model you want the writing, make sure to do this carefully as it is very important.

Step 2, draw it: Get a pice of paper and draw out what you want your writing to say, I called one of my rhinos Fire Drake and the other Carinus. Here is how I drew out Fire Drake.

Step3, paint 1: paint the letters carefully with only simple curls etc, make sure to print it and not join up as this will make it neater.

Step 4, paint 2: Paint on your other locations (I had 2).

Step 5, joining up: It's hard to see butb here I have carefully joined up the letters.

Here are the close-ups of my other tank so you can see the step by step again.

So, what do you think, like it. Do I need to improve anything. Thanks for reading,

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