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Monday, 14 December 2009

Army Finishing Project: Much progres on WIPs.

Hi, over the last week or so I have been making progres on my Reedeemer, a terran hands rhino (repainted) and a WIP tac squad. On with the pics:

Here is the Reedeemer The gold was painted iyanden then twice shining gold then very very heavy wash devlan.

I ran our of boltgun so the maetals are mithril silver heavily washed with badab black.

Now for the marines, sorry for bad lighting in these pics.

On these I just did some little things like some highlighting, next is final details and arms/boltguns, should be good when there done!

Finaly the rhino, not many pics at the moment as it is just as you see there. This is just a bog standard job.

So, what do you think. Have you been enjoying the army finishing project, I know I have. Not going to be much warhammer coming my way this christmas but hey ho. Thanks for reading,


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