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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Feedback: Review of what you want from Gamers World.

So, a while ago I did a poll on what you wanted to see more of on gamers world. Here were the results:

Hi, the other day my poll on what you would like to see more of closed, here are the results:

More tutorials. 16 (76%)
Big projects. 9 (42%)
More interesting armies. 5 (23%)

More news. 1 (4%)

More reports on things like Gamesday. 1 (4%)
More cool tidbits of info. 13 (61%)

Votes: 21

So, a good number of votes but have I achieved what people wanted, lets take them 1 by 1:

Tutorials: I have done a few more and have lots planned, especialy with my Army Finishing Project as I should do 1 for each thing I finish!

Big Projects: Not done so well with this, I haven't had the cash or implication to do it. Maybe late 2010 some will apear, I have half plans!

More Interesting armies: not that many of you wanted to see this but I hope that I am doing alright as I am going to be doing proper good basing on my wolves and am trying to get better conversions in!

News: you didn't want this so I have not delivered, I may do the odd bit but meh!

Reports: When I go to events I will do little ones but you didn't want it that much so again, meh!

Cool tidbits: You like these so I do try, so far there has only really been 2: Kislev (an empire town) being the 3rd letter in the Jewish alphabet and Tau being the 17th (I think) lette in the Greek Alphabet.

So, do you think I've done well. Do you want more of anything, thanks for reading,

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