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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

(second post of the day!) Tuesday Gaming: Dark Heresy 2, nearly possesed and armory.

So, today I had dark Heresy, unfortunately it was cut short but oh well. We also found out that some people arn't gonna play any more so it's just a ton of phycers and me the unpossesed possesed. Also one sorc was ill today.

To start with we continued from last week with me in the chair with the chaos sorceror (not chaos marine sorc lord as I previously thought) standing over me. I went into this dream about a random chaosy jungle then went to this ocean place and there was a daemonette but I didn't know what it was, it kicked me into the water and becaus I can't roll in Dark Heresy for my life, it thrashed me, when I eventually got to the shore I was trying to land a blow on it but only did three dammage, at the end a bloodletter came up and killed it which meant I failed as I later found out that I had to kill the daemonette before the bloodletter to get possesed. Oh well, I'll have to try again next week.

After finishing that we skipped 4 weeks in which the phycers had been training and stuff, we went into the sorcs chambers and he gave us one use only armory passes, we all trailed off to the armory exept for one guy who was acting stupid and was just given an auto pistol and was not allowed to go to the armory.

First guy goes in and rolls average so get a choice of hvy bolter lascannon bolt pistol or auto pistol, as he is smart he chooses auto pistol which would have been given anyway but he ecaped with his honour intact. Second guy goes in and rolls ridiculously, get a choice of a helmet, flak armour or a bottle with blue liquid inside.

He takes the blue liquid which we later find out makes him better at his phychic ability which is reading objects and seeing their past.

I go in roll almost the worst score you can get and get a choice of rubbish stuff, I end up with a hammer which does 8 dammage rarther than 5 which is still an improvement.

Some other random stuff happened but you get the jist of it.

Thanks for reading,

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